Live better
with Less

The notion that the more we have, the better our quality of life seems to be ingrained in our way of thinking. If you consider the time, energy, and money it takes to accumulate and maintain these things, you begin to see that having too much actually takes away from your quality of life.

Being organized is more than ‘purging’ things you haven’t used in a year. It’s learning from what you’re getting rid of so you don’t buy it again, breaking the cycle of consuming and purging. It’s surrounding yourself with things that help you live the way you want to live.

I customize my services to work around your needs and comfort level. We work side-by-side, on your own under my guidance, and on my own to:


ask the right questions to set the framework for editing.


cull your things in a thoughtful and personal way.


arrange your things to reflect your aesthetic.


rearrange your furniture to improve organization and flow.


fill in the gaps to complete your space.


“Her elegant, aesthetic eye is an asset above and beyond knowing how to whip one’s living space into shape.”