It's Not What I do,
It's Who I Am

I was born neat; my father taught me how to be organized. As the youngest of five kids growing up on Long Island, shopping was a favorite pastime. But after earning a degree in environmental science and living on my own for a few years I realized something had to change.

One day over 16 years ago, after living in my Brooklyn apartment for about a year, I looked around and realized I didn’t love my apartment. I never invited friends or family over because I didn’t feel like the space reflected me. I had a closet full of clothes that I didn’t wear. My first thought was, “I’ll buy new stuff.” Then I realized that I just bought all this stuff! I didn’t have a problem buying; it was how I was buying that was the problem. I had little connection with the things I bought, and that was the key.

As a self-reformed shopaholic, living simply is a lifestyle I sought out.

It took time, but changing the way I see the things in my life – and more importantly how I bring new things into my life – has forever enriched every aspect of my life. As a self-reformed shopaholic, I instinctively want and buy less. I have less and love more. I love my space, and getting there is easier than you think.


“Thanks to Laura, an organized home is the most achievable luxury.”